About us – Eurotech

EUROTECH Sp. z o.o. based on engineering knowledge, experience, an interdisciplinary and experienced team of specialists in cooperation with scientific centers designs and manufactures highly technologically and qualitatively advanced equipment, systems that meet the demanding European safety standards.

We offer USEFUL technologies and solutions in the area of unmanned systems (UAVs) and equipment for OILFIELD.


Thanks to creativity supported by many years of experience EUROTECH Sp. z o.o. is a recognized Polish producer of technologically CUSTOM equipment and systems.

EUROTECH Sp. z o.o. operates within the SSE “EUROPARK Mielec”  and belongs to:
the National Cluster Key – Aviation Valley 

the National Cluster Key – Silesian Aviation Cluster

The Management Board

The Management Board of EUROTECH Sp. z o.o. consists of:

  • Janusz Michalcewicz
    Position: President/CEO
  • Grzegorz Jaromi
    Position: the member of the Management Board
  • Beata Wrońska
    Position: chief accountant


Certificates and Prizes


What we do:

  • We undertake difficult and demanding tasks of producing equipment or systems that meet the expectations of users / customers.
  • We offer comprehensive service from conceptual design through production to warranty and post-warranty service.
  • We develop and implement products and technologies for our own and our partners’ needs using available technologies.


Who we are

EUROTECH Sp. z o.o is:

  • A recognized producer of custom and technologically advanced equipment and systems for aviation and oilfield
  • An interdisciplinary team of experienced specialists
  • A RELIABLE PARTNER for our Customers and Suppliers


What makes us different?

  • A comprehensive offer from conceptual design through production to after-sales service.
  • An interdisciplinary team of experienced specialists which quickly designs and implements complex equipment and systems.
  • Own unique products and quick implementations thanks to Concurrent Engineering.
  • Long-term cooperation with research centers “turned into” SUCCESS OF IMPLEMENTATION.
  • Reliability and determination in achieving ambitious goals.
  • Having powers to modify and manufacture vehicles (own VIN number).
  • Possibilities of providing services using unmanned systems.
  • Social responsibility, care for a positive image of a Polish private employer.